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For the last year I have been trying to return to my old self, An aneurysm and brain hemorrhage totally changed my life. But I'm a fighter, so most of the people that see me, think that nothing has changed. My world consist of several doctor visits, migraine headaches, and depression. Still I smile. My inner strength comes from GOD! Copyright: Cheryl Lovely is the sole owner of the blog and its content.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Want To Go Home

I finally began to feel like I could leave the hospital. My answer to everything was I feel pretty good, can I go home? Then the vomiting and headaches would sabotage my plan to go home. Finally one day I heard those  "WORDS". We're going to let you go home. I got so excited my head almost exploded. The nurse had to push meds in my IV, I was so crushed, but I did get to go home later that evening. My dear friend Lionel picked me up in his Limousine, and as usual he was handsomely dressed and had on his signature bow tie. I'm grateful.

I'm home now and Lionel made sure I had food to eat, and that my house was warm. Then he had to get back to work, I called my family and let them all know that I'm home.  Fear is running through my mind, they have sent me home with all kinds of medications and strict instructions. The one thing that I am most afraid of is that I have to take 02 Nimotop capsules every four hours. I am afraid that I won't hear the alarm to wake me up in the night hours to take them. That is the most serious of all the meds I have to take. Taking a bath that night was a major task, because I was still very weak.  Rhonda offered for me to go home with her the first night, but I knew that if I didn't go home and be by myself, I would never be able to be left alone at all. Took my meds and climbed into bed, scared to go to sleep, what if I have another bleed in my head, and no one is here. My head started hurting, so I took a pain pill, then freaked out because the pain pill might not let me hear the alarm in four hours, I did pretty good. My next few days were just resting and taking care of myself. Everyone has been calling to check on me, that always made me smile. To be continued...

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