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For the last year I have been trying to return to my old self, An aneurysm and brain hemorrhage totally changed my life. But I'm a fighter, so most of the people that see me, think that nothing has changed. My world consist of several doctor visits, migraine headaches, and depression. Still I smile. My inner strength comes from GOD! Copyright: Cheryl Lovely is the sole owner of the blog and its content.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Saving Grace

On one of my lowest days, I had no more fight in me. I'm not proud to say that giving up was in my heart.  The very last thing on earth, I expected to change my mind and heart was a bird. The Cardinal means so much to me, that I can't even express it. Other than God made sure I got to see and hear, when it was storming so bad you could barely see five feet in front of you, and in this small tree that had hardly any leaves to protect him from the rain .
                                            " This bird was singing in the midst of a storm"
                                              "Lesson was so powerful, I won't complain".