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For the last year I have been trying to return to my old self, An aneurysm and brain hemorrhage totally changed my life. But I'm a fighter, so most of the people that see me, think that nothing has changed. My world consist of several doctor visits, migraine headaches, and depression. Still I smile. My inner strength comes from GOD! Copyright: Cheryl Lovely is the sole owner of the blog and its content.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Ram In A Bush

This is the most difficult thing ever, some days I don’t know who I really am. No wonder, when you have a doctor saying you are not well enough to work. Then you have the bill collectors saying I want my money, or I’m turning your lights out. A wonderful friend, whom I Love like a brother! I was being evicted from my place, and I’m suffering from migraines, memory lost, back pain, emotionally a mess. I didn’t know what I was going to do. My family is helping me as best as they can.
Ben knocked on my door soon after the notice I received, and handed me a key.  Start moving your stuff in your new place,  and then he went back to work. Wait I said, I don’t have money to pay you. I can’t move in, as he walked down the hall he say, ” I know that, and I Love you friend”. Wow, man I closed the door and just cried, I am so grateful, talk about unconditional love. Then fear set in. Because I’m having all kinds of emotions that I can’t control, the doctor told me that I would have trigger moments like that. Ben not only gave me a place to stay, he made sure that I had everything I needed.
Dear God, thank you for sending me your obedient son, this is an out-of-body experience. This happens on tv, not in real life. Ben and I have been the best of friends ever since, well brother sister is more like it. We get together and cook on weekends for our friends, and just laugh and have a good time. This was such good therapy for me.
OMG what would have done if it wasn’t for Ben, He has been a huge part of my life, even my family don’t have a clue at what my brother friend has done for me. Laughter, I always say it’s the best medicine. Everyday we laugh and get each other through the day.
His job transferred him to another state, I happy for him. Man I miss him tons, but thank God we get to talk everyday. Love you Ben!!!!  To be continued…