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For the last year I have been trying to return to my old self, An aneurysm and brain hemorrhage totally changed my life. But I'm a fighter, so most of the people that see me, think that nothing has changed. My world consist of several doctor visits, migraine headaches, and depression. Still I smile. My inner strength comes from GOD! Copyright: Cheryl Lovely is the sole owner of the blog and its content.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sister and Mary Ann Comes To Take Care Of Me

My sissy is on the road, her hubby is driving her here. With them is my favorite little fluffy dog in the whole wide world (Taylor). I'm excited that my sissy is coming, because I really need someone to be here with me. My friends that was with me at the hospital, check on me, but I don't want them to keep changing their schedule anymore than they already have while I was in the hospital.

My sister called and said we're here, so I go downstairs to greet them.We hug real tight, and she she says you look good Ann, but I see something in your eyes. In other words, although I'm smiling, she can tell that I am still weak and in the recovering, stage. I think she felt much better,that she finally got here. I was thankful that my brother -n - law drove her all the way from Texas, Their dog Taylor couldn't wait to get out of the back seat to see me, she is such a loving dog. Their SUV was filled  with everything that makes a girl smile, shoes, clothes, and purses!!! Looks like she brought the whole mall with her. She has always known what I like since we were kids. I'm Grateful! We get to visit for a while, then get dinner.  Sissy wants to go to the get her hair done in the morning, so our cousin Sheila, took her to someone that she knows. My brother - n - law and I have lunch, Ed is a man of few words, but he tried to be comforting to me in his own way. It touched my heart that he asked me what triggered me getting upset? I think he felt sorry for me, because I was really upset that my sissy was not with me. I understand now that she wanted to get her hair done, but my brain that was trying to heal  then just wanted her all to myself because mom is not here to care for and she is next in line. He told me that he would take me home so I can rest and wait for my sissy to get back. He and the dog went back to hotel, We had bad weather, in fact snow, It threw a wrench in our plans for the day, I was so worried for my sissy and Sheila to be out there in the snow. They made it back to her house safely, That was relief, so she spent the night at Sheila's and we all got together the next day. They went to a store and got a TV for me, because the one I had didn't work anymore. Lol it was so funny seeing the two of them dragging that box down the hall. Sissy as cute as ever, she is always dressed nicely no matter where she is going. Sheila is cute as a button, she is working on her Doctorate, I'm so proud of her! The four of us Go have lunch at Pappadeaux, and it was beautiful and sad, because I c don't feel good, but if I say that it will seem like I'm winning, so blend in is what I keep saying to myself. The waiter was good at his job, and the food was excellent. My head is pounding at this point, but it feels good to be with family. We all leave, Sheila went back home to study. I don't remember what happened next. (I call these my aneurysm moments, I will add things as they come back to me)

Our sister friend Mary Ann from childhood, who is a nutritionist is flying in from her home in Costa Rica. So we wait for her, my friend Lionel picks her up at the airport. Both my sister and Mary have their own plans and ways of doing things, and their goal was for me to be comfortable, have what I need, and on my way to better health.. Lionel made himself available the whole week, for my family and I.

We are together again! My sissy, Mary Ann, and I. Its too bad that it has to be under there circumstances. But we are still happy. We go to the super market, because Mary has already decided what juicing combinations she wants to start getting into my body, NO MORE RED MEAT! I liked them all except the beets lol.

My sissy decided that I needed a real bed to sleep in, and a new TV, so a lot of shopping was done, she got more than planned. That's my sissy,  my place was nice and cozy. I'm Grateful!

Mary Ann"s focus was the kitchen, Getting me a Jack  LaLane juicer was on her  agenda. She made sure It became a part of my everyday life, and even taught me to make my own almond milk. Everything that I needed for the kitchen she and sissy made sure it was there. I'm grateful.

We had  fun talking about our childhood. We put on some music and we just danced and laughed, the two of them didn't know how therapeutic it was for me. I was experiencing things in my head that I didn't understand. I looked normal, but I didn't feel normal. I was very sensitive, and had a ton of anxiety, but I had to not let on just how bad it really was. I never told them, just said something like I'm weak or something like that. well you know sisters will be sisters, we did our usual little argument, and then the rest is good.

I Love, and appreciate my sister so much, I don't think she even knows how much I do. She is a very unique person, in a league of her own. Thank you for everything sissy!

They all Left to go to our hometown, but I couldn't go. I was not cleared to travel yet. Now they are gone, I am left to deal with the reality that my brain is sick. Can't hide it from myself, no one here to distract me from it. To be continued...

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